Supply Chain Management

Lower cost, rapid market entry, and high quality are critical elements to improve competitive position and are enabled by an effective supply chain management.

We assist our customers in identifying critical component availability and cost reduction strategies.

PMI’s supply chain solution provides maximum flexibility and responsiveness through collaboration and strategic approach. PMI can assume supply chain responsibility from component sourcing through delivery of finished product:

  • PMI’s Quotation Team works with customers to develop an initial costing and sourcing strategy based on customer’s specific product requirements.
  • PMI’s sourcing services utilize global partnerships and manufacturing scale to secure the best cost and material availability for our customer base.
  • PMI’s sourcing experts are located in US and Asia, enabling us to manage our global network of suppliers and ensure an optimal flow of components and materials to our manufacturing centers.
  • Customer-Focused Teams work diligently on getting the right parts at the right time at the lowest cost to our customers. Automatic replenishment techniques and materials flexibility solutions minimize administrative constraints and enable our Supply Chain Specialists to meet our unique customer needs.

PMI’s supply chain focus is on building internal and external systems and relationships, which allow us to capitalize on our expertise to align with your objectives and integrate with your processes today and in the future.